Subud Education Association


an association to support each other, to share our ideas and practices, and to learn from and inspire each other.

Subud Education Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Subud Education Association is to bring together Subud Educators from all over the world for support, inspiration and guidance. We are dedicated to the inward and outward development of individuals of all ages, so they may contribute to a just, caring and fulfilled global community.


  • We wish to share the wisdom of our community in fostering Subud-inspired educational programs that encourage a truly human education.

  • We aim to provide an educational foundation for people of all ages based on guidance and understanding that arises through the latihan kejiwaan of Subud.

  • We envision a world at peace where a growing percentage of the population are developing their potential to become fully realized, noble human beings who have calm and peaceful inner feelings and embody the qualities of: Susila [refers to a way of behaving and a character that is humane], Budhi [means that the power of God resides or manifests within every human being], Dharma [means to let go and to surrender absolutely to God’s power. (67JNB 1, Volume 16 talk #4)]

General Objectives:

  1. Encourage the development of schools that support children, young adults, and adults’ inner and outer educational needs.

  2. Build a network of passionate, inspired educators who learn from each other and work together.

  3. Act as an exchange hub and repository for ideas, methods, professional development and educational news as well as projects that are in the making and an archive of projects that have already been set up.

  4. Support and facilitate funding, resources, professional activities, projects and schools, as well as the work of SDIA in the educational field.

  5. Establish a fund to provide scholarships and bursaries that further students’ educational pursuits.

  6. To work and form partnerships with other like-minded educational institutions, associations and networks.

  7. Work towards establishing consultancy and training services.

  8. Determine the organization needs of SEA including selection process of a chair, of a board, meetings, communications, relations with SDIA, budget etc.