About Education

What is education anyway?

There are many types of education. Sometimes education means the imparting of a particular skill from one person to another. Learning to drive, learning a language, or learning the rules of a sport, for example. At other times, education means the building of a pool of knowledge. It can also mean the passing of culture, awareness of the self, and the opening of perspectives. Education always implies growth and change. As teachers, we strive to uncover how best to help our students grow while developing healthy feelings – an inner and outer harmony between their actions and their being.

What has Subud got to do with education?

In general, the aims of education and the aims of Subud share significant overlap. Both are centered around the idea of growth and development for the individual. Both recognize the vastly different needs of every person in contrast to every other individual. Learning, be it spiritual or mental, takes place on the inside. It must come from within, irrespective of the environment. Perhaps for this reason, many Subud members have been drawn to educational services and schools. If learning can be catered to the individual on a deep and meaningful level, then the possibility arises for true societal change.

What work has the Subud community already done in education?

Susil Dharma Education Projects

What is the potential for the future?

The Subud Education Association believes that the process of education has great potential to change the future of humanity for the better. A deeper, more spiritual understanding of education can manifest not only in new projects, but in existing schools and institutions. If teachers can discover the potential of their students and engage them in a meaningful and individualized manner, students may grow into thriving and noble human beings. Education has the power to build sympathy, inspire empathy, empower individuals and communities, facilitate discovery, and raise the poor from poverty.