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Hello, Subud Education Association!

Welcome to our August newsletter!

This month, we presented at the SDIA gathering in Amanecer, Colombia. We gave an overview of SEA activities and the importance of our organization according to our feeling. If you'd like to view our slide show from the presentation, you can read it here.

If you would like to donate to the Subud Education Fund, you can do so through your Susila Dharma national wing. If you need support with this, let us know! Your donations help our members struggling to finance their education in the DRC, South America, Indonesia, India, Kalimantan and elsewhere when needed!

If you’d like to donate to SEA, follow the link here and type “SEA” in “Project Specific Donations”:


We are still building out several subcommittees including SEA Projects (the committee starting our mentorship program). If you are interested, email at

If you have experience or a willingness to work on fundraising for educational projects, please contact Rasunah Marsden at


Do you know of any students or aspiring professionals in need of mentorship? Using our newly compiled database, we would like to begin connecting mentees to possible mentors in the Subud community. This could be in any field or area - art, game design, nonprofit work, academics, teaching.

If you are interested in either serving as a mentor or being a part of the SEA Mentorship Subcommittee, please email me at


This August, we have a presentation from the Ransel Buku project out of Indonesia. The Zoom presentation will be on August 20th at 8am Jakarta time - Friday, August 19th at 7pm ET, USA.

Here is a write-up from the founder and presenter, Aini Abdul Conway:

Ransel Buku (RB) is an educational project started in 2008 that brings literacy, environmental, health and Dayak cultural education through children friendly libraries/services for children at river bank villages in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. At the moment, RB runs 2 libraries in two villages and a floating library that delivers library services to 3 villages along the Kahayan-Rungan River benefitting approximately 500 children.


We have a now completed directory of Subud educators, designed by architecture student, Nabila Bustillo. If you have yet to fill out the very quick Google Form, please fill it out here. We will continue to update the directory as we receive new info. If you want your information in the directory to change, please fill out the survey again and the updated version will be sent to you and new sponsors from that day forth. The directory is organized both alphabetically and by field (secondary ed, outdoor ed, administration, etc.). We will also add a section on Subud educational projects shortly.

Those who pay at least $25 per year in dues to SEA per year will receive a downloadable copy of our directory of educators. Other perks will follow as well. Those who have already paid, expect a directory soon! Thank you for your kindness and support!

Kindly consider forwarding the SEA news URL to any Subud member involved in education who we may have missed.

Also if you would like to share some educational news on this newsletter, please let me know at

Subud Education Association Newsletter, 14th Issue, 2022

Hadrian Pollard